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Our Human Performance Specialists

All of our practitioners have extensive knowledge in the area of holistic healing: Chiropractic or physiotherapy qualifications, dry needling, strength & conditioning qualifications, movement therapy, soft tissue therapies, nutrition and functional diagnostics, holistic lifestyle coaching and supplementation.

In the context of this pyramid, ‘human performance’ is used to represent performance in all its capacities. What does this mean for you?

  • As a mother or father
  • As a CEO or top-level management
  • At work or in your chosen profession
  • Performance as a competing athlete or ‘weekend warrior’
  • As a husband, wife or partner
  • As a friend
  • Within your immediate family
  • Within your community

All of our practitioners have the ability to mentor our clients right to the top of the performance pyramid.
Make Becoming Superhuman Effortless

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