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5-Star Physiotherapy in West Perth

Do You Have Chronic Pain That Is Getting You Down?

Whether you have chronic back pain that makes putting your shoes on difficult or shoulder pain that prevents you from exercising at the gym, physiotherapy can help you overcome these symptoms. Our highly-advanced assessment process will uncover the cause of your pain (“Pain Generator”) leading to a customised approach to treatment.

Fascial releasing, dry needling, acupuncture, mobilization, adjustments, nerve gliding, and corrective exercise, yes, we do it all!

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Remove the Barriers to Healing at Effortless Superhuman

In today’s world, a shift in consciousness is happening. People are starting to realise that wellbeing isn’t just about the physical. At Effortless Superhuman, we take a holistic approach to healing that involves your mind, body and soul.

Poor sleep quality Dehydration High stress levels Unhealthy diet
Nutrient deficiencies Gut infections Sedentary lifestyle Alcohol

By removing the ‘Barriers to Healing’, your body can immediately assist in the healing process. These ‘Ancient Secrets’ of healing have been revealed for thousands of years, and turn traditional physiotherapy into ‘holistic physiotherapy’.

Our mission is to educate, empower, and inspire individuals to get the most of their mind, body, and spirit – one person, one treatment, and one community at a time.

Let’s begin your healing journey today. Call (08) 9388 2768 to schedule your first appointment!


Discover the Benefits of Physiotherapy

Is back pain stopping you from having fun in life? Are chronic headaches affecting your happiness? Do you feel you’re too old to get back into shape and begin playing sports again? Are you recovering after surgery and worried about how you will recover?

Holistic Physiotherapy involves a detailed assessment of the client’s overall health status: Everything from lifestyle factors (sleep, stress, work duties, sports & activities) to a more detailed analysis of diet, supplementation, medications, and underlying health issues.

Any one of these factors could represent a ‘barrier to healing’ and may be the reason why traditional therapists have been unable to alleviate your symptoms.

Combining these unique factors (lifestyle & health) with traditional ‘hands-on’ therapy techniques and movement therapy, gives our therapists a massive advantage in the healing process.

Fast, Effective Treatment …

We have one simple goal. To help you overcome ‘Pain and Dysfunction’, allowing you to get back to all your favourite things in life: Golf, tennis, swimming, gym training, running, and more. Helping you to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle is what our passion at Effortless Superhuman is all about.

We want to inspire individuals to do the things that inspire them!

Learn How to Become Superhuman, Effortlessly. Call (08) 9388 2768 today!



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  • checkmark Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology
  • checkmark Functional Risk Profiles
  • checkmark Holistic Lifestyle & Nutrition qualifications
  • checkmark Over 10,000 clients treated
  • checkmark Acupuncture (Dry needling)
  • checkmark Rehabilitation & corrective exercise
  • checkmark Advanced neuro-dynamic testing (nerves)