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Dry Needling in West Perth

needles in persons armDry needling is a treatment approach that has evolved from traditional acupuncture. It refers to the insertion of a fine needle into the muscles and connective tissues of the body to deactivate trigger points.

Dry needling helps to release these taunt bands and to deactivate the trigger points, which in turn alleviates pain. Dry needling also alleviates muscle tension, increases range of movement around a joint (s), and improves circulation to a given area resulting in a greater healing response.

Dry needling is very effective as it can deactivate trigger points that are deep within the muscles (1-10cm). These trigger points can be very difficult to reach with deep tissue massage. Likewise, dry needling is very successful at deactivating chronic trigger points that ‘won’t let go’ with massage therapy. This form of therapy is highly specialized and requires years of training and practice.

Why Consider This Form Of Treatment?

  • For most people dry needling is less painful than deep tissue massage
  • Dry needling can reach trigger points deep within muscle tissue that may not be accessible with massage therapy (up to 10 cm deep). For athletes with large muscle bellies dry needling may be the only form of effective therapy available
  • Dry needling can release a trigger point in seconds. A massage therapist may need to work on a trigger point for 5-10 minutes to get it to ‘let go’
  • Dry needling provides immediate relief. When trigger points are the source of your pain, and when dry needling is performed correctly to release those trigger points, pain relief should occur immediately and continue for the next 1-2 days.
  • Recovering from a deep tissue sports massage can often take 2-5 days. For people who are active and looking to get back to training or sport quickly this may pose a challenge. Our therapists at Effortless Superhuman ask that clients take 24-36 hours post dry needling therapy before returning to physical activity.

How often do I need to be treated?

When the pain “generator” is accurately diagnosed as coming from trigger points, and when dry needling is performed accurately to alleviate those trigger points, pain should resolve significantly in 1-2 treatment sessions. If pain does not resolve, the treating therapist will reassess the pain patterns to determine an alternative diagnosis.

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