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About Effortless Superhuman

our team talking at a tableThere is a general shift in consciousness towards ‘holistic’ health and healing within the community. People are beginning to understand the interconnectedness of the human body and that health and healing goes beyond simply masking symptoms with medications.

We see ourselves as Human Performance Specialists. All of our practitioners have extensive knowledge in the area of holistic healing: Chiropractic or physiotherapy qualifications, dry needling, strength & conditioning qualifications, movement therapy, soft tissue therapies, nutrition and functional diagnostics, holistic lifestyle coaching and supplementation.


Mind, Body & Spirit = Holistic Healing

In most cases, our clients are actively seeking more from their health care professionals. They have taken the time to educate themselves and understand the need for a ‘holistic’ approach to health and healing. It is this insight that has led them to seek out our office. They come to us because they are looking to learn, to be mentored through the healing process, and often, to go several steps further in enhancing performance within their lives.

Intuitively our clients know that there is more to their ‘Pain and Dysfunction’ than just three (3) systems of the body (muscles, bones, nerves).

Systems of the Human Body Include:

  • Muscular
  • Skeletal
  • Lymphatic
  • Cardiovascular
  • Respiratory
  • Nervous
  • Excretory
  • Integumentary
  • Endocrine
  • Digestive
  • Reproductive
  • Vestibular

Often clients have seen multiple health professionals (Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Doctors, massage therapists) who have not successfully alleviated their pain and dysfunction. There are many reasons for why treatment was not successful, but too often it’s because the barriers to healing have not been removed and a holistic approach to healing has not been followed.

People come to Effortless Superhuman (ES) because they are already making a discerning effort to enhance their health, their happiness and to live a more fulfilled life. They want someone to listen, to show empathy and to take a whole person approach to their health care.

Our clients have decided to …

  • Make an informed choice to empower themselves
  • Seek guidance & mentorship in their journey towards health and healing (establish their role in the process)
  • Create flow and openness in their lives – Wherever possible, the healing process must benefit from the ‘Wisdom Within’ and appear ‘Effortless’

group stretching outdoors

Our Mission

Effortless Superhuman is a company that seeks to be an industry leader by offering a holistic approach to healthcare that identifies the root-cause of pain and dysfunction and provides strategies to overcome it.

Our mission is to educate, empower and inspire individuals to get the most out of their mind, body and spirit – one person, one treatment, and one community at a time.

At Effortless Superhuman we want to inspire individuals to do the things that inspire them! What makes our ‘Pain and Dysfunction’ practitioners unique is their ability to mentor their clients and provide advice that not only helps alleviate their pain and symptoms, but also enhances their quality of life.

‘Superhuman’ refers to the incredible potential that humans have within them. And not just for health and healing but in all capacities of their lives. So many of these abilities are achievable when you have the right strategies in place and you know how to fast-track your results.

Get Started Today

Our role at Effortless Superhuman is to make high-performance and becoming Superhuman as Effortless as possible. Let’s begin your healing journey. Contact our team today to schedule your first appointment with us!


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