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Interview with Ross Enamait

Stephen had the rare opportunity to interview the legend that is … Ross Enamait

1. Where did you grow up? What was your childhood and adolescence like in relation to health, activity, sport and competition?

I grew up in Connecticut and have been involved in sports since I was a young child. I honestly don’t recall a single point in life without sports. My two greatest passions have always been boxing and baseball. I started as an athlete and eventually transitioned to coaching after several injuries. I currently coach youth baseball players and train professional fighters.

2. How did you end up becoming

I wouldn’t say that I ever became The website is a simple extension of the offline training business that I started over 15 years ago. It allows me to share ideas and interact with others who aren’t able to train with us locally.

Where did you gain this knowledge and experience from? Sport, personal trainer, strength coach, sport coach, Uni or College degrees, courses etc.

Although I spent many years working on my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, I believe that the most useful knowledge I’ve acquired has come through hands on experience. I was fortunate to have several top notch coaches and trainers as a young athlete. Years later, I continue to learn by doing and testing new ideas. My quest for knowledge and research is never ending. There’s always room to improve in some way.

What was your motivation behind putting all this together?

The motivation behind my website is quite simple. The fitness industry is filled with bogus claims, overpriced gadgets, and excessive complexity. My goal is to be the opposite. I strive to provide real, cost-effective solutions to lifelong health and fitness.

Getting in shape doesn’t need to be complicated and it shouldn’t force you to refinance your mortgage.

3. What does it mean to you (Mentally, physically, emotionally, Spiritually) to be able to move like this?

Socrates once said the following,

“It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”

I’m a strong believer in these words. Life is a gift that can come and go in an instant. To live life without maximizing the body that you’ve been given is not only a shame, but also a waste. There are no rewind buttons in the real world. Make the most of your time while you still can. If you don’t, some day you’ll wish you did.

4. Where are you at in life? What are your current passions? Is there anything exciting happening that people would like to know about?

I continue to train and coach athletes on a daily basis. Striving to better them each day is what drives me.

5. Is movement and overall health still a big part of your life?

I train pro fighters for a living so I need to be in shape to perform my job. I am also passionate about my own training. I love the challenge, the rush, and the competitive fire that burns within. I also have a gym on my property so training is a way of life. My children have grown up since day one watching pro fighters train here. It isn’t unusual for the entire family to be in the gym. My wife and I both live healthy, active lives so the kids don’t know anything else. They have essentially been born into the lifestyle. It’s what we do. It’s who we are.

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