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Tennis Elbow vs Golfer's Elbow: What Are the Differences?

golfer-in-bright-blue-hat-sq-400Whether you love spending time on the court or the links, you may encounter a common condition: tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow. More than just names, they’re conditions that can cause real pain in your elbow. Although they sound similar, their slight difference lies in where they strike. With tennis elbow, you feel the discomfort on your elbow’s exterior, whereas the golfer’s elbow hits you with discomfort on the inside. Despite the differences, the road to recovery is pretty much the same for both conditions.

Affecting Performance & Quality of Life

These conditions pose significant challenges in daily tasks and sporting activities. Whether it’s from tennis, golf or another sport, elbow pain can considerably limit your ability to perform and enjoy these sports, ultimately affecting your quality of life.

Dispelling Myths and Avoiding Common Mistakes

Misdiagnosis is a prevalent mistake, particularly because these are catch-all terms used for any pain centred around the elbow. It’s crucial to remember that the actual cause of the pain can vary from one person to another, and thus proper diagnosis is crucial.

Another common misconception is that athletes can train through the pain. Not only does this worsen the situation, but it also prolongs the healing process.

A comprehensive approach to therapy is advised. Ignoring factors like inflammatory diets, poor sleep, high stress, over-training, dehydration, and alcohol can delay healing. Resorting to NSAIDs for immediate pain relief can exacerbate injuries down the line as the underlying issue persists.

One common myth is that this is merely an elbow injury. In truth, there can be a series of contributing factors, including lifestyle and neck and shoulder issues.

How Physiotherapy May Help

Physiotherapy can be a game-changer in overcoming these conditions. A holistic physiotherapist goes beyond hands-on therapy to consider other components of health and healing. This kind of approach often leads to superior outcomes that enable you to return to your game and everyday life sooner.

Remember, it’s not enough to be clinically clear. Functional testing is imperative to ensure readiness for training and sport. Without this, the risk of reinjury escalates. At Effortless Superhuman, we perform a detailed Functional Risk Profile using the highly advanced ‘Move 2 Perform software’ to gauge how well a client moves.

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If you’re experiencing golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow we want to help relieve your pain and help you get back to the court or links without discomfort.


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