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The Law Of Segment Intending

This simple but powerful practice has enhanced my life and consistently yielded positive outcomes. I first learned about this ‘Law’ while listening to The Law of Attraction by Abraham Hicks.

It is the process whereby you define your intentions for the segment of your day that you are moving into. It is a way of ‘pre-paving’ your outcomes and focusing your energy on what it is you want to achieve.

I have found that this process has allowed me to be more deliberate in focusing my thoughts. I have become much more aware of where I am focusing my attention at any one time and I have been more deliberate in choosing my thoughts throughout my day.

I first started with the simple phrase “My Intentions for this segment of my day are.”

Consider these examples.

Driving to work

My intentions for this segment of my day are to have a safe, free-flowing journey to work that is enjoyable.

Going into a business meeting

My intentions for this segment of my day are to listen to the thoughts and ideas of my colleague and to formulate an action plan that leads to a positive outcome.

Arriving home after work

My intentions for this segment of my day are to spend some relaxing time with my wife and my beautiful children and to enjoy a peaceful evening.

Meeting up with friends

My intentions for this segment of my day are to share quality time with people I enjoy and to experience feelings of happiness and gratitude.

This practice seems rather simplistic when presented in this way. But consider how for most people the segments of their day simply blend together without any deliberate intent. They may wake up tired, rush around the house and then proceed to have a stressful drive to work. The stress from the drive into work leads to immediate tension in the workplace and a perception that their job is not enjoyable. They speak to a friend on the phone at lunch and the conversation turns into an argument about something rather trivial.

The negative emotions build up and they find themselves feeling anxious about a meeting that afternoon. During the meeting their negative emotions distract them from their goals and they fail to achieve their desired outcomes. At the end of the day they get into the car to drive home and realize they have received a parking ticket. Stuck in traffic on the way home they realize they left important paperwork at the office. Arriving home they walk into the house and begin arguing with their partner. The intentions for the evening are forgotten and they miss out on quality time with their family.

I think we can all see that in the above example that this person was ‘creating by default’. They would likely make statements such as ‘I had a crappy day’ or ‘ things just didn’t seem to go right all day’. One segment seemed to blend into the next and the negative emotions and negative energy of one segment seemed to affect the next. The Law of Attraction would certainly apply in this scenario.

Certainly the opposite is true as well. I am sure we have all had days where things seem to flow and one great moment leads into the next. By the end of the day you are left thinking, ‘that was the best day ever.’ However I suspect that these days are few and far between for most people and if asked how they could experience more of these fantastic days they would have no idea.

The Power of Segment Intending

And this is where the power of segment intending comes into play:

  • It forces you to make the most of this moment and to align your thoughts with what you really want (Conscious Awareness).
  • It allows you to create more powerful moments, in more moments of your day.
  • It helps you to focus your intentions on the ‘here and now’ and recognize that ‘here’ is where the power is.
  • Through deliberately intending you are reaching for the thoughts and emotions that feel best and purposefully designing your day (segment by segment)
  • It forces you to ‘beat the drum’ of what you really want and the purpose for a given segment of your life (mindfulness). And isn’t that what life is all about? Getting want you want and understanding the purpose of each moment in your life.
  • The more you take the time to clarify your intentions the more ‘pre-paving’ you’re doing and the more you’re aligning your energies into the future.
  • Segment intending allows you to follow the path of least resistance.

It is through all of these methods that segment intending allows flow and parallels with the Law of Attraction. And this is how you create more ‘perfect days’.

Putting the Law of Segment Intending into Practice

You may find it beneficial to read and listen to the work of Abraham Hicks for yourself.

You can download the audiobook “The Law of Attraction – The Basics of the teachings of Abraham” from the I-Tunes store. Included within this audiobook is the full explanation of the Law of Segment Intending.

I have found the following practice very effective. Each morning create a general statement of intent for the day. This may sound something like this: “My intentions for my day are to experience happiness, gain a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction from my work and connect fully with the people who enter into my life.”

From there, as you move through your day, define your intentions for each new segment of your day. At first I would recommend that you are very deliberate in your statements and your actions. I would encourage you to stop what you are doing, stand still or sit down, and define your intentions for this particular segment you’re about to move into.

If you’re driving to a meeting and have just parked the car, I would recommend you stand next to your car and state your intentions before walking into the business meeting. If you’ve just finished a long day of work and have just arrived home I would recommend you either go for a slow walk around the block or stand out front of your house and define clearly your intentions for the time you will spend that evening with your family.

If something unexpected comes up such as a phone call from a friend, you can still say “excuse me for one moment” and then quickly define your intentions for the phone call. If the ‘intentions’ or energy of the person on the other end of the phone do not align with your energy than you can always ask if you can call them back later.

Over the years I have found that I have refined my practice to include the following:

  • A general statement that reflects how I would like my morning to go
  • Tai Chi practice for 25 minutes
  • Specific statements for each segment of my morning
  • A general statement for the afternoon stated clearly during my lunch break
  • Specific statements for each segment of my afternoon
  • A short 15 minute afternoon break for mindfulness and postural activities
  • A short walk or clearly defined statement when returning from work at night and before entering the house
  • For unforeseen events or interactions I try to create a brief moment of time so that I can define my intentions for that segment of my day.

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  1. Maja Marinic says
    Jun 18, 2021 at 3:42 PM

    I love this. Segment intending has been very helpful for me too

    • Chadwick says
      Sep 05, 2022 at 11:13 PM

      Beautifully stated. The clarity and examples were super easy to mentally point to. I have the Law of Attraction by Jerry & Esther Hicks. I will certainly continue reading it. Again, your bullets points were good take on's. Thank you!

  2. Hilda Herceg says
    Oct 28, 2021 at 6:24 PM

    Hello: I'm going through a very tough time with infertility issues. Will this help? I am definitely new to this and how would I create a message intending what I want to conceive.

    • Bob says
      Nov 14, 2021 at 8:30 AM

      Hello Hilda, The Law of Attraction can definitely help you with whatever issues you are facing. The trick is, first and foremost, to get to a better feeling place about where you are and letting go of resistance. It is a process of gradually reaching for an improvement feelings in every moment of every day. Slowly, as you learn to shift your vibration, first from fear, then anger, then frustration, then contentedness, then hope, then positive expectation, and finally love - solutions will come to you and into your life. If you wish to learn more, I suggest you google “Law of Attraction” or “Abraham-Hicks” to better understand the teachings. There is a wealth of information out there. Wish you much joy, peace, and happiness.

    • Kristan says
      Nov 30, 2021 at 3:24 PM

      Imagine that you just took a pregnancy test and it was positive. How does it make you feel. Imagine you and your partner shopping for the child and putting together a nursery. Imagine going into the delivery room while all of your family are gleefully awaiting the birth. Imagine the first time you held the child and look into its eyes, it's first steps, first words. First holidays. Submerge yourself into a space where you can feel the appreciation and gratitude for the gift of life that is on its way. You can only attract more lack by focusing on lack.

  3. Soundima says
    Aug 30, 2023 at 6:43 AM

    Very well explained.

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