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Andrew - A Case Study


16 years of Sciatic Leg Pain Gone in 2 Sessions

Case Study

‘Andrew’ had been suffering from sciatic-like right leg pain for nearly 16 years. It affected his work as a crane operator, his ability to lift weights, and his ability to enjoy time with his friends and family.

For nearly 16 years he had been getting out of bed each morning and spent the first few hours hobbling around.

In 2002, he was diagnosed with a bulging disc in his lower back and in 2009 he underwent a L4/5 discectomy. The relief from this surgery was minimal.

Over the last 2 years the pain in his right hip had become progressively worse and in 2018 he had a cortisone injection into his right hip. An MRI scan showed a CAM deformity and torn labrum and the specialist suggested that an arthroscopy of the hip was likely necessary.

Over the 16 years ‘Andrew’ had seen Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Osteopaths for both treatment and guidance on the best approach to overcome his hip and leg pain. However, relief was always minimal and short-lived.

In 2018, ‘Andrew’ scheduled an appointment at Effortless Superhuman with their highly experienced ‘Pain & Dysfunction’ practitioners.

He expressed that his ‘Good Outcome’ was to alleviate the pain in his hip and leg so that he could have a better quality of life. This would include lifting weights in the gym, working as a crane operator, and having fun with his friends and family without worrying about flare-ups in his condition.

Main Clinical Findings

  1. Extreme tightness in temporomandibular joint (TMJ) – jaw
  2. Right hip movement was reduced by 40% into flexion, 100% restricted into internal rotation and 33% restricted into external rotation.
  3. Hamstring length was 20% reduced on the left side and 25% reduced on right side
  4. Calf length was 50% reduced

Working FIFO meant that ‘Andrew’ was only home for 1 week at a time. During this first week, the ES practitioner performed three sessions (3) of treatment totalling 2 hours.

By the end of the second treatment session, ‘Andrew’ had almost 100% pain-relief in his right hip and leg. For the first time in 16 years he got out of bed and walked normally throughout his house without a limp.

“I don’t think the (Effortless Superhuman) practitioner understood what he did for me. I mean, I almost cried that morning when I got out of bed and again when I was telling my friends about what had happened. I know that is his job, but for the first time in nearly 16 years I am getting out of bed pain-free and enjoying everything I do. He has completely changed my quality of life.”

Movement Summary Table

Movement Test (Right Side) Initial Assessment Post 3 hours Treatment Optimal Range
Hip Flexion 80 degrees 110 degrees 135 degrees
Hip Ext. Rotation 30 degrees 40 degrees 50+ degrees
Hip Int. Rotation Minus 5 degrees 35 degrees 40+ degrees
Hamstring length 120 degrees 145 degrees 150+ degrees
TMJ (Jaw) 50% restriction Full range Full range

During ‘Andrew’s’ next scheduled week off, he visited ES again for further treatment. (3 sessions of 30 minutes each)

The improvements in TMJ (jaw), neck, lower back and hip movement continued.

125 degrees right hip flexion 93%
50 degrees external rotation right hip Within normal range
35 degrees internal rotation right hip 88%
155 degrees hamstring length right side Within normal range

Although ‘Andrew’ has had to make modifications to his working positions and gym program, he has now been able to return to all of his work and sporting activities with little concern for hip or leg pain.

With regular ‘Tune-Ups’ at Effortless Superhuman, ‘Andrew’ will be able to live a pain-free life and avoid surgery to his right hip.

Results may vary.

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